It is never too early or too late to begin savings for your child(ren). Our Kiddy Savings Account is an excellent way to teach and inculcate the habit and importance of saving into kids for the future. Parents are obliged to make a monthly deposit for their children from day one until they are 18 years.


  • Minimum monthly contribution is GHC30.00
  • Savings account targeted at children from day 1 through to age 18. Each child has his/her own account.
  • Minimum account balance is the Credit Union’s monthly minimum savings. Minimum expected monthly contributions/ savings is the same as regular Credit Union’s monthly savings.
  • The account must maintain the monthly minimum contribution till the account is closed.
  • Monthly source deduction is mandatory. However, direct Cheques and Cash payments into the account are also acceptable.
  • Account operation is handled by the Trustee.
  • The child assumes full ownership of the account when trustee transfers ownership at age 18 and above.
  • Trustee are allowed to make withdrawals when necessary.


The UG Credit Union kiddy Saving Account is fun. The child will:

    • Learn how to save by depositing gifts or unspent pocket money into his or her account.
    • Watch in amazement as his or her savings grow in an interest bearing account.
    • Learn about interest rate and be encouraged to be thrifty.
    • Learn to appreciate how to interpret basic interest calculation.
    • The child will receive guaranteed monthly savings. Saving will directly be deposited to the child’s account once a month from a trustee.
    • No monthly service fees.
    • Competitive interest will be paid on Account Balance.