This Product seeks to nurture a savings and investment culture among students of the University of Ghana and other affiliate Institutions.



  • A Savings Account targeted at students in our affiliate institutions (e.g. UG, UPSA etc.)
  • Account holders shall save regularly at least once a month.
  • Minimum expected monthly contributions would be GHS 30.
  • Minimum account balance for students will be their monthly minimum savings (GHS30).
  • Account holders would benefit from interest on savings.
  • Account holders may withdraw at any time during working hours leaving the minimum account balance of (GHS30)
  • The account holders can continue to operate the account after school.


  • A completed form prescribed by the Union
  • Student ID card or other proof of affiliation to the University of Ghana and affiliate Universities
  • Passport pictures (two)
  • Ghana Card


  • No service charges on account
  • Free use of mobile banking platforms.
  • Free telephone banking

Benefits to the student

  • It gives students a higher interest in their savings as compared to the commercial banks.
  • Through its high yield, the savings account promises a better life after school.
  • Students get to cultivate the habit of savings and investment.
  • The package grants students some form of investor confidence in the unknown after school.
  • It can be easily accessed.
  • Students who proceed to work with member institutions have the privilege of upgrading and enjoying the full benefits of a member.
  • Account holders can continue to operate their accounts after school.